VoisPal AAC Speech App Features

VoisPal is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) app for people with speech difficulties and complex communication needs. This speech app enables people without the ability to communicate verbally, to express themselves fluently and effectively. VoisPal speech app is designed for the Android platform and once installed on a Smartphone or Tablet enables users to use their phones or tablets as an assistive communication device.

1. SAY!T - Unique Technology
With the Unique "Speak as You Think" feature you speak faster. You get Speed, Expression and Ease of use
  • Speak faster with favorites, recently used topics or phrases, and search features.

2. XPress!T - Get The Power of Expression
Experience power of expression with thousands of words, phrases and sentences at your fingertips.
  • Through an expansive library of over 5000 commonly used sentences.
  • Articulate better with more complete sentences. Instead of "Want" "Apple" (as in other apps) speak complete sentences fluently with VoisPal such as "I'd like to get an apple, please".

3. Stylize!T - Communicate in Style
Customize and personalize like never before. You can choose your own phrases, sentences and voice to portray your conversational style and express your thoughts just the way you like to say it. You can customize VoisPal in the following ways:
  • Choose a voice that best fits your personality, age, style and regional accent.
  • Add sentences to 'Favorites' for quick retrieval.
  • Add new categories and sentences.
  • Edit categories, sub-categories and sentences.
  • Change the order of categories - move commonly used categories to the top of the list.
  • Record your own voice. This feature may be extremely useful for people recovering from a surgery that may have caused temporary loss of speech, or for people who have the ability to speak but with difficulty. Wouldn't it be wonderful to say "Thank you" or "I love you" to your loved one in your very own voice?
  • Choose from black or white background themes.
  • Change image and font sizes to small, medium or large.

4. Other Features:
Build your speech faster and speak fluently in a natural voice using VoisPal's quick retrieval features such as:
  • Favorites - sentences can be retrieved by clicking only one button.
  • History - get quickly to the list of recently used categories, sub-categories and sentences.
  • Search easily for sentences and categories.
  • Browse categories and sub-categories to get to the sentence you want to use.
  • Translate sentences into different languages - VoisPal AAC app even lets you speak in different languages.
  • Choose between landscape and portrait modes. VoisPal has different screen form factors for Smart phones and Tablets respectively.
  • Voice options - choose from enhanced voices and accents from Ivona. You can speak fluently in the language, accent and a voice of your choice (male, female or child).
This speech app uses the latest assistive communication technology and is easy to operate, innovative and feature rich, enabling you to express yourself almost effortlessly.
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