Frequently Asked Questions About VoisPal

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to VoisPal Speech App. Please contact our customer support for further questions.
VoisPal - AAC AppWhat is VoisPal?

VoisPal is an advanced, feature-rich augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) speech app that allows people with speech and language difficulties to speak fluently. It outsmarts the existing speech applications by not simply being another application, but by being your pal that allows you to speak fluently as you think in a natural voice.

VoisPal - AAC AppWho should use VoisPal AAC app?

VoisPal is for anyone having difficulty speaking - whether the speech difficulty is a result of a birth defect, or caused by a stroke, surgery, brain injury, accident or other cognitive and neurological problems. If you have difficulty expressing yourself verbally VoisPal AAC app can help you to speak fluently.

VoisPal - AAC AppWhat are the prerequisites for using VoisPal?

People with complex communication needs have different skill levels that should be considered when choosing assistive technology. VoisPal speech app is suitable for adults and children who are able to read and have the motor skills to operate a Smartphone or tablet.

VoisPal - AAC AppThere are so many speech applications, what is unique about VoisPal?

VoisPal's unique SAY!T (Speak as you Think Technology) has an intuitive user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface on Android touch screen. This, combined with VoisPal's expansive sentence library with over 5000 commonly spoken sentences, rich features, and choice of natural voices and accents - truly make this assistive communication application unique.

VoisPal - AAC AppWhat are the unique benefits that VoisPal offers?

VoisPal offers fluent speech, choice of voices and accents, an option of recording your own voice, customization and much more. Refer Features for details

VoisPal - AAC AppIs VoisPal AAC speech app only for Android? Does it work on iPhone or iPad?

Currently, the application is Android based only. We may add an iPhone/iPad application later.

VoisPal - AAC AppIs there a free trial?

Yes, there is a 30 days free trial version.

VoisPal - AAC AppAre there any translation options available?

Yes, there are translations available for most common foreign languages (Note: translation feature requires internet connectivity).

VoisPal - AAC AppWhere can I find tutorial for VoisPal?

Please visit Demo page.

VoisPal - AAC AppHow much does VoisPal cost? Is there a return policy?

The app is priced at $365. You can try the app free (in trial mode) for 30 days to see if it is suitable for your needs.

VoisPal - AAC AppIs there any support contact?

Please call (603) 930-3339 or drop in an e-mail to

VoisPal - AAC AppWhere can I give my feedback or share my experience with VoisPal AAC speech app?

We are always keen on listening to our customers. We value your feedback. Please send us an e-mail at

VoisPal - AAC AppWill there be any new versions available in the near future?

Yes, updates to VoisPal speech app are always going to be free.

VoisPal speech app aims to put assistive technology in your hands that will revolutionize the way you express yourself with the help of an AAC communication app.
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