What is VoisPal?

VoisPal is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) app for people with speech difficulties. VoisPal speech app helps people with speech disorders to express themselves fluently and effectively.  read more

Who should use it?

VoisPal is for anyone having difficulty speaking - whether the speech difficulty is a result of a birth defect, or caused by a stroke, surgery, brain injury or an accident. If you have difficulty expressing yourself VoisPal AAC app can help you to speak fluently!  read more

VoisPal's Unique Features

SAY!T - With the Unique “Speak as You Think” technology you can speak faster and more naturally.
XPress!T - Experience the power of expression with thousands of words, phrases and sentences at your fingertips.
Stylize!T - Customize and personalize your AAC speech app like never before. Choose your own phrases, sentences and voice.   read more